PES is a small, woman-owned business that specializes in creating solutions for any energy management challenge. With decades of in-house engineering, HVAC and controls experience, we collaborate with our customers to understand their needs while creating a system that provides an integrated holistic approach to control and manage any operation.

We put integrity, honesty and consistent work above all else. We value the relationships within our company as much as the relationships with our customers. We believe in doing it RIGHT - the RIGHT application at the RIGHT price which will create the RIGHT result.

We provide building automation and control systems for all types of applications:
- Office environments 
- Manufacturing operations 
- Central plants
- Clean rooms
- Computer/Server Rooms
- And much more!

The objectives of a building automation system include:

(1) Improved occupant comfort 

(2) Efficient operation of building systems

(3) Reduction in energy consumption and operating costs

(4) Improved life cycle of utilities


The core functionality of any building automation system is to:

(1) Keep the building climate within a specified range

(2) Provide light to rooms based on an occupancy schedule

(3) Monitor performance and device failures in all systems

(4) Provide malfunction alarms to building maintenance staff