As technology continues to permeate our everyday life, PES understands the importance in utilizing this same technology to the advantage of our customers. PES works closely with our customers to integrate the controls management of temperature setpoints and VAV usage for energy conservation and monitoring, as well as provide services for other controls applications including dehumidification best practices and comfort and ventilation issues within variable zones.


We support and encourage the use of ISO/ANSI/ASHRAE-135 standard, also known as BACnet. BACnet allows the integration of products manufactured by different vendors to communicate over one platform, which provides greater overall control and flexibility for any building automation system.

Services provided include:

(1) System Development
- Infrastructure Evaluation and Recommendation
- BAS design
- BAS system architecture
- BAS installation
- Energy Optimization Techniques and Suggestions

(2) System Support
- Tenant Improvements
- Infrastructure Planning
- Design and Technical Support
- Planned Shutdowns and Upgrades
- Assurance Testing

(3) System Operation
- Control and Monitoring (24x7)
- Metrology
- Troubleshooting
- Repair and Continuous Commissioning

Power Edge Solutions is a Premier Distributor for Delta Controls. We are well-versed in all products from network and system controllers to thermostats and humidity sensors. We can create a unique, customized building automation system that will not only manage your facility, but will also control the equipment based upon the feedback received from the installed points.